Bouquets of a different kind

Recently a friend of mine shared a picture of a bouquet that a student made for her, made completely out of buttons!

After a quick trip to google typing in button bouquets I realized that this is no new thing. People are crafting these super cute looking bouquets for weddings and centerpieces. And how easy would it be to make? Grab up a few handful of colorful and different shaped buttons, some floral wire and ribbon and viola instant forever lasting flowers. It would be the perfect centerpiece for a DIY wedding or if you were going for a whole button theme? The possibilities are endless.

Seeing the button ones made me instantly think of this wedding bouquet that was featured on Simply Bloom Photography's blog a few months ago made out of Anthropologie door handles.

This totally has me inspired for a summer craft project of my own. I just have to decide on buttons or door knobs!

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