Pop of red

My post today is inspired by a co-worker of mine; she jokingly put me up to the challenge of blogging about her today and, surprise surprise, I did! On the days we work together I am awe of her sense of style. She can dress in such a fun, colorful, funky, music scene kind of girl that I could never pull off. Adorable rompers with colorful tights, maxi dresses with cowboy boots, or like today just a simple red scarf over a navy and white striped shirt.

So that got me thinking of red, with a simple pop of color as an accessory, or a piece of clothing can really catch your eye. So when I can't see my sweet and funny co-worker on a daily basis, I have these other great images of inspiration to help get me out of my box.

image: the glamourai

image: cupcakes and cashmere

(Or if working some red pieces into your wardrobe just isn't enough, just top off every look with some vibrant red locks instead, maybe that's why I really love my stylish co-worker's looks so much!)