ESPN you surprise me...

When your boyfriend is a sports fanatic it's only natural you end up watching your fair share of ESPN. Usually I try find something else to entertain me while a game or Sports Center is on but 2 commercials caught my eye over the weekend while folks talked about touchdowns and free throws (and yes I do know those terms are from 2 different sports).

The first was for a show on nick jr. called Ni Hao, Kai-lan (I have a soft spot in my heart for Chinese and Japanese animation; ask me about Hello Kitty or my obsession with Sailor Moon sometime).

After a few clicks on I learned a little bit more about the show. It's basically like Dora except it's introducing children to Mandarin-Chinese culture and language while throwing in lessons like patience, sharing and friendship. The characters on the show are what really drew me to the commercial yesterday, they are adorable!

The first one is Kai-lan, then you have her friend Hoho the monkey, Mr.Sun who greets her every morning, and Tolee a koala. You can meet the rest of the cast here.I have been known to watch episodes of Blues Clues and Oswald so maybe I'll catch an episode of this once in awhile to see what it's all about.
The second commercial I loved was this one for Legos. As a kid I always tried to build something as amazing as this father and son, but I usually ended up with a square house with one window and a collapsing roof.

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