Amazing Armstrong Ads

Goodness, please excuse my absence...perhaps I had one too many Easter peeps and jelly beans that kept me away from my blog for too long. Please forgive!

But I have some wonderful images to share today. These amazing ads for Armstrong Floors. I think maybe I saw the one of Lucille Ball, below, but never registered what the ad was for until a friend showed me some of their more recent ads and I am blown away!

So the image above, looks like Judy Garland enjoying her beautiful laminate hardwood floors, but TWIST it's not some crazy amazing Photoshop trick its a real person who looks like Judy Garland. Armstrong's tag line for this campaign is "It only looks like the real thing." Obviously the play on their floors look like the real thing and so do these celebrity look a likes. The more she showed me the more I was floored with the similar characteristics. Keep your eyes out for their newest one: Lassie and enjoy James, Lucille, and Marlon.

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